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Robust and Aesthetic Driveway Gates in Victoria

For over 50 years, Nordic Industries Ltd has helped add security and beauty to homes and businesses across South Vancouver Island with our custom fences and driveway gates. Our team is based in Victoria and provides expert craftsmanship and knowledge to each installation. . Learn more about our driveway gate options below and how you can add both privacy and curb appeal to your home. If you are looking for a dependable installation service for a driveway gate in Victoria, reach out to us.

Customized Driveway Gates in Victoria


Like our fencing options, driveway gates can be made in a various materials depending on the look you are going for. Chain link is the best option for those simply looking for added security, such as keeping your animals secure on your property. Wooden gates will provide you with the most privacy, allowing little of your property to be visible from the driveway. For those looking for decorative purposes, ornamental steel gates greatly enhance the entranceway to your property. Regardless of choice, each fence will effectively close off your driveway and give you control over access to your property.

Driveway gates can open multiple ways depending on what works best with your property. A single swing gate can be used for smaller gateway entrances or those with plenty of room for the arm to extend. Double swing gates are the most common, easily allowing vehicles to pass through. If you don’t have much room to allow a gate to swing open, a sliding gate is the best option for your driveway.

After choosing the material and style for your gate, options for automation of your driveway gates are available through Nordic Industries Ltd. All of our power driveway gates are made from the best materials available. They come in a variety of designs and have a long-lasting finish.

Benefits of Installing Driveway Gates


Improve the Safety of the property
The most important advantage of installing a driveway gate on your property is that a gate gives you control over who comes into your property. It safeguards you against a potential threat from intruders and trespasser. It can also prevent small children and pets from wandering outside your property. You can choose advanced features such as coded keypads, and/or locks that function automatically for extra security.

Enhanced curb appeal of the property
Driveway gates can be a beautiful addition to your property. From simple ornamental iron gates to wooden gates, they come in varied designs and styles and add to the curb appeal of the complex. With the simple addition of a robust gate, your property value may rise.

Sick and tired of the prying eyes of neighbours or strangers peering up your driveway and into your home? Depending on the style of your driveway gate, you can close off visual access to your property. In addition to restricting access, driveway gates are a great way to complete a privacy fence around your property so that you never have to think about who’s looking in.


Why Do You Need Automated Driveway Gates in Victoria?


Property owners can save time, increase convenience, and improve security for their homes by installing automatic driveway gates. They provide you greater control over who comes onto your property than manual gates, and they eliminate the need to depart your car or house to open the gate for yourself or a visitor. There are three significant advantages to installing automatic gates:


Safety: An automatic gate, as part of the perimeter fence, can assist create a boundary that secures and protects children and pets. One needs to know the code or have the right to open the gate to approach your driveway; this keeps undesired vehicles out. You also don't have to get out of your car at night to open the gate with an automatic gate.


Aesthetic Appeal: These days, there are a plethora of stylish, sturdy, and dependable automatic gates on the market. Furthermore, the automatic gate mechanism can be put on any gate material, including your current entrance. When you get a new automated driveway installed, it gives it a more intricate and elegant look.


Increase Resale Value: You might potentially boost your house's value and resale potential by improving guarantee and charm. Many factors, including how well you maintain your automatic gate to retain its function and aesthetics, play this role. An automated driveway gate adds an appealing image to the property and increases its worth.


While a power gate can benefit any family or individual in Victoria, it is advantageous and convenient for elderly property owners or those with a physical disability or chronic injury. Contact our team today to find out more about our services in Victoria.

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If you are in need of a driveway gate for your Victoria home or commercial property, the team at Nordic Industries Ltd has you covered. Together, we can come up with a design that suits the style of your home or building while providing you with added security and privacy. Contact us to get your free quote today!

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Heavy Duty Driveway Gates in Victoria

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