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Fencing for Recreation

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Recreational fencing, such as the kind utilized around basketball or tennis courts, offers a combination of safety, durability, and visibility that is highly appreciated in sports applications. This fencing is an attractive option for recreational facilities and consumers alike, providing not only the strength and longevity expected of such installations but also at a reasonable cost.

At Nordic Industries Ltd, we deliver professional recreational fencing installations in Victoria, bringing you the assurance that you have invested in a secure and durable solution for your sporting needs. Our seasoned experts have numerous years of experience providing quality work for our clients, from public sports complexes to private court installations.

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Fencing For Recreational Spaces

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We provide fencing installations for various recreational spaces, including:

Basketball courts

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Basketball fencing is a crucial component of any outdoor court, ensuring safety and preventing loss of the ball during gameplay. This type of fencing, often made from durable chain-link or mesh materials, is designed to withstand impacts while providing clear visibility for players and spectators.

tennis courts

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Tennis court fencing is an essential element for any outdoor tennis facility, enhancing safety and contributing to the overall playing experience. This type of fencing, commonly made from resilient chain-link or mesh materials, is constructed to endure the wear and tear of repeated tennis matches while maintaining clear visibility for players and onlookers.

pool areas

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Pool area fencing is a vital aspect of any outdoor pool setting, serving both as a safety measure and aesthetic enhancer. These fences, typically constructed from sturdy materials like aluminum, vinyl, or even tempered glass, are designed to prevent accidental access, particularly for children, while offering a clear view of the pool area.
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Specialized Fencing Installations for Recreational Areas

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At Nordic Industries Ltd, we specialize in recreational and sports fencing applications. If you're seeking to provide more protection or to clearly define the boundaries of your recreational area, we also offer specialized fencing designs tailored to your needs. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of both security and an organized recreational space simultaneously.

We are the go-to experts in fencing installation and manufacturing, with a history spanning over 50 years in Vancouver Island. We've had the privilege to install fences for a wide array of recreational facilities, from compact residential play areas to sprawling public sports complexes, and more.

Contact us today to request a quote and get started on installing the ideal fence for your Victoria recreational area. We are eager to contribute to the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of your space.

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Land Acknowledgement

Nordic Industries Ltd acknowledges it is situated on the traditional territory of the W̱SÁNEĆ people which includes W̱JOȽEȽP (Tsartlip) and SȾÁUTW̱ (Tsawout) First Nations.

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